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Aerobatic Flight - Pitts Special - 30-minute - Sydney

On Sale - Save $163

Aerobatics is the ultimate roller coaster ride! You haven't lived until you have flown upside down, spiralled nose down towards the earth, looped the loop, and barrel rolled across the skies.Read more

Aerobatic & Scenic Flight Combo - 70-minute Pitts Special - Sydney

Strap into the open-air cockpit of the Pitts Special S2A aerobatic bi-plane. Fasten your seatbelt, strap on your flight helmet and get ready for the best aerobatics/scenic flight combo available!Read more

Aerobatic Flight In A Stunt Plane - 30-minute - Sydney

You can experience the adrenalin rush of unlimited aerobatics in the EXTRA stunt plane. This two seat, state of the art aircraft is fully certified to 10G!Read more

Ultimate Action 30 Minute Aerobatics Flight - Camden Sydney

Ultimate Action... Its the best way to describe the thrill of a Pitts Special Aerobatic Flight! The significant advantage to the Pitts is that it is light and easy to manoeuvre in the air.Read more

Aerobatics - Yak 52 Extreme Aerobatics - 20-minute - Hunter Valley

Extreme Aerobatic Stunt flight over the Hunter Valley in a Yak 52 Warbird! Even once your feet are back on solid ground, you'll be on a high for hours!Read more

Aerobatic Warbird Flight Over Cape Byron Coast

This classic warbird Aerobatic flight is for those who want to see the world from a completely new perspective. Hold on!Read more

Aerobatic Flight - 30-minute - Sydney

You only live once and you haven't lived until you have flown upside down over the land, spiralled nose down towards the earth, looped the looped and barrel rolled your way across the skies.Read more

Aerobatics - Yak-52 Warbird Flight - 15-20 minute - Cessnock Airport

If you ever wanted to know what it would feel like to be a fighter pilot, then here is your chance. Jump aboard and strap yourself in for the ride of your life.Read more

Flying Lesson With Aerobatics - 45 Minutes - Camden Airport - Sydney

Have you ever wanted to be a pilot? Would you love to learn to fly a plane? Take to the skies and learn the basics of flying with this Trial Introductory Flight.Read more

Aerobatic Adventure Flight in a Genuine World War 2 Warbird Plane - Sydney

This is the Real Deal! Step back in time and experience the thrill and exhilaration of high g" aerobatics and combat manoeuvring in this genuine 1942 fighter pilot training aeroplane."Read more


In Sydney, NSW, you can experience aerobatic flights at its best. You’ll get to take off in an aerobatics plane. There are many different types of planes to choose from, you can choose to fly in the open cockpit bi-plane Tiger Moth and enjoy the panoramic cityscape of Sydney and the lush country southwest of the city, where the grand Blue Mountains rise. There are aerobatic flights that take off from Camden Airport and will also give you a perfect view of Lake Burragorang and the Warragamba Dam. Then you get to return to the airport at over 500 ft along the course of the Nepean River.