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Advanced Driving Courses - Defensive Driving Courses to become a skilled driver

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  • Aside from making you a better driver, defensive driving courses (or advanced driving courses as they are often referred to) are developed to prepare you to act on certain road emergencies. These courses are aimed at helping you evaluate and foresee hazards you’d possibly encounter whilst on the road; therefore advancing your normal driving skill level.

    The principles on which defensive driving courses are founded include:

    • Evaluating: The ability to evaluate the risk when faced with a hazardous situation.
    • Foreseeing: To see the endpoint of a risky situation.
    • Reacting: Choosing the best way to react to an emergency.

    Your driving skills will surely be enhanced by completing defensive driving courses. And as a bonus, you may be entitled to obtaining a lower insurance premium once you have finished such driving courses as you are now driving at an advanced level.

    Typically defensive driving courses contain a theory element first followed by a practical session where the student is able to practice what has been taught in the theory lesson. Defensive driving courses operate all around Australia.