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Defensive Driving Courses NSW - Defensive Driving to become a skilled driver

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Defensive Driving Course - FULL DAY - Western Sydney

Improve your driving skills and become a better driver in this one day Defensive Driving course. Find out how you and your car handle in emergency situations in the safety of a controlled environment.Read more

Defensive Driver Training at Sydney Motorsport Park

Defensive Driving skills are essential for both new and experienced drivers, learners with a minimum of 50 hours driving experience are very welcome.Read more


Defensive driving courses are available in several NSW locations. There are a number of options around Sydney which you will find on this site. Many areas covered off include the intricacies of your car, as well as valuable tips on how to react to danger whilst driving which forms the key part of many courses. You will find most courses near Sydney provide you with a certificate indicating that you have completed an advanced driving course. This certificate may entitle you to a discount on your insurance.