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Advanced Driving Courses in Victoria - Defensive Driving to become a skilled driver

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Defensive Driving Course - FULL DAY P-PLATE & L-PLATE SCHOOL HOLIDAY SPECIAL - Sandown Raceway - Melbourne

On Sale - Save $20

Defensive driver training Melbourne. One day defensive driving course in Victoria suited to P-Platers, fleet training and nervous drivers.Read more

Defensive Driving Course Level 1 Full Day - Sandown - Melbourne

Improve your driving skills and become a better driver in this one day Defensive Driving course. Find out how you and your car handle in emergency situations in the safety of a controlled environment.Read more

Defensive Driving Course Level 2 - FULL DAY - Sandown - Melbourne

Defensive driving Melbourne - whether you drive a small sedan, large family vehicle, sports car or four-wheel drive - tuition is relevant to all vehicles and ability levels.Read more

Phillip Island Performance Driver Education Program

Take your own car on the track to see what it can REALLY do with no limits, no cops, and no speed cameras to slow you down. The Adrenalin track day is safe, fast and the perfect gift for any rev-head!Read more

Defensive Driving Course Level 1 - FULL DAY - Melbourne - Tabcorp Park Stadium

It doesn't matter if you drive a small sedan, large family vehicle, sports car or four wheel drive - tuition is relevant to all four wheel vehicles and ability levels.Read more

Defensive and Advanced Control Driver Training Course - FULL DAY - Sandown - Melbourne

Do a combo of defensive and advanced car control course and take charge on the road! This training course is designed to keep you in control, teaching advanced dynamics theory, highway speed emergency actions and so much more. So bring your car down and let's ride!Read more


In Victoria, you can participate in defensive driving courses to improve on your driving skills and gain more confidence in handling unexpected road emergencies. Courses operate at many venues including Sandown where you can undertake a 1 day defensive driving course. The course consists of theory and practical sessions.

Using your own vehicle, you’ll get to know its technology, limitations and abilities better. You’ll also get to assess your skills and traits as a driver, and build on improving those in the face of possible danger. Most courses provide you with a Safe Driving Workbook, a Driver’s Manual, and a completion certificate. There are usually around 40 people in the theory session, and then the group divide into groups of around 10 participants per trainer to undertake the practical activities.