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Drifting - VIC

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Drifting in Other States:  

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Drifting - Learn to Drift - Melbourne

Get ready for serious drifting action! You'll have a pro driver by your side as you take on 20 drift corners in our custom prepared Drift Car!Read more

Drifting - Advanced Learn to Drift - Melbourne

Drift Fans your time has come! Get ready to learn some great drift techniques in our Advanced Learn to Drift Course.Read more

Drift Driving - Drifting Basics Level 1 - Melbourne

Get ready for a half day of action-packed driving! Taking your vehicle handling control to the next level!Read more

Drift Hot Laps - 5 Laps - Winton Motor Raceway - Melbourne

Buckle in tight and expect five tyre-smoking and hair-raising drift hot laps in a supercharged Toyota GT86. Feel your adrenaline surge as a professional drift race car driver floors it around the skidpan, not holding anything back.Read more