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Gliding experiences in Victoria

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In Victoria, there are several gliding clubs and operators providing this unqiue flying experience, many not too far from Melbourne. With many experienced gliding companies having established experience and having been certified expertise to operate a gliding business. Most of the launches are done over the cliffs the Great Ocean Road, Gippsland, Port Phillip Bay, and the Goulburn Valley. One of the popular spots in Victoria is Benalla, where you could scale heights of up to 1000 km on an engineless glider, a truly amazing experience. Soaring to these heights you get an unbelievable view of the panoramic landscape in pure silence. Horsham in Victoria offers one of the best gliding locations in Australia. About 300 kilometres from Melbourne and 200 km from the closest coastline, Horsham’s weather system lies between the continental and the coastal systems. You can literally glide here all-year round.