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Learn to Fly - Flying Lessons Victoria

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Learn To Fly A Helicopter In Melbourne - 40 Minutes

On Sale - Save $151

Experience the thrill of flying a helicopter yourself with a helicopter introductory training flight at Australias Leading Helicopter School.Read more

Learn To Fly A Helicopter In Melbourne - 30 Minutes

On Sale - Save $25

Helicopters are without a doubt one of the most versatile and vital vehicles in the world. Now it's your turn to fly one of these impressive machines.Read more

Light Aircraft Flying Lesson Melbourne 30 Minutes

The Pilot Experience is the perfect opportunity for someone contemplating getting their pilots licence to experience first-hand what its like to be a pilot.Read more

Aerochute Deluxe Training Flight - 25 Minutes - Melbourne

Get your heart racing and embrace extreme heights with an aerochute training flight over Werribee, Melbourne. Youll learn all the basics of piloting an aerochute and put it to practice as you go soaring. Prepare to soak up an insane adrenaline rush and incredible views.Read more


You can also learn to fly a light aircraft at Moorabbin airport in Victoria. There are a variety of aircrafts to choose from – Cessna 150, Cessna 172, Piper Aztec PA23, etc. You also have the opportunity to fly a micro light, which is perhaps the nearest thing to flying like a bird. You can learn the fundamentals of flying a trike at Point Cook, Victoria. And you get to learn the basics in no time at all. Just imagine the trike to be an aerial motorcycle. Sometimes the time spent during your lessons can be added to the required number of flying time to get a pilot’s license if you wish to continue your lessons.