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Quad Bike - QLD

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Aquaduck Tours Surfers Paradise

One of the Gold Coast's most popular tours, the Aquaduck in Surfers Paradise allows you to discover the Gold Coast by land and sea without even leaving your seat. Your return journey will begin in the heart of Surfers Paradise, taking in views of the famous, golden Gold Coast beaches while waddling…Read more

Cairns ATV Quad Bike Tour - 8.45am

Picture this, your zooming along our rainforest adventure trails that zig zag their way across our property with friends, family and other fun loving people on your very own four wheeled motor bike, also called a Quad Bike or ATV (All Terrain Vehicle).Read more

Cairns ATV Quad Bike Tour - 10.45am

Spend part of your day zooming along rainforest trails on a large property with this small group 10:45am quad bike tour. A great way to get a new perspective of the region while also testing your skills and having great fun on the back of a quad bike, you'll want to jump back on and do it all again…Read more

Cairns ATV Quad Bike Tour - 12.45pm

Zig zag your way around a large property with an exciting 12:45pm ATV quad bike journey for an exciting and exhilarating way to sightsee in Cairns. Following rainforest adventure trails, you'll get the adrenalin pumping as you ride your own four wheel motorbike. Your previous experience and skill level…Read more