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Rally Driving - QLD

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Brisbane Rally Car Hotlap Ride

Rip around the racetrack in Ipswich with this hot lap rally car experience. With a professional driver behind the wheel showing you how it's done, you'll experience the thrills of a high-speed rally car race for three whole laps.Read more

Brisbane Rally Car XLR8 Pack

Experience the thrill of driving a rally car with this XLR8 rally car experience in Ipswich near Brisbane. With the help of an experienced and professional rally car driver in the passenger seat next to you, you'll be able to expertly navigate the track for all of the 8 laps in a 4WD Turbo Subaru or…Read more

Brisbane Rally Car 2 Car Blast 16 Lap

Buckle up and take on the Rally Car race track in Ipswich with the 2 Car 16 Lap Drive. If you have a need for speed or are passionate about all things car, then this is an amazing experience to check off the bucket list!Read more