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Compare Scenic Joy Flights around Victoria

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Boeing Stearman Biplane - 20 Minute Scenic Flight - Yarra Valley - Melbourne

A joy flight in our Boeing Stearman gives you the chance to step back in time and experience the joy of flight as it was during the 1930s and 40s.Read more

Boeing 737 Flight Simulator Melbourne CBD - 30 Minute Scenic Flight

This is no game! This high tech simulator utilises the latest technology to fool your senses into believing you are actually captaining a jet airliner.Read more

Helicopter Scenic Flight - 18-20 Minute City Orbit - Melbourne

Experience the thrill of a scenic helicopter flight 1000 feet above the city and coast is an unforgettable way to take in Melbourne and its surrounding areas.Read more

Helicopter Open Doors Scenic Flight 35 minutes Melbourne

The thrill of shooting images from a helicopter and allows you to see Melbourne, world's most liveable city in a totally new way! View the city, famous landmarks, beautiful beaches and the popular tourist areas, all from above. Wind in your hair, the most incredible adventure you'll ever experience!Read more


Joy flights operate from a number of airports in Victoria which gives you the opportunity to get the best view of not only the Victorian country side but the coast and the Melbourne skyline.