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V8 Hot Laps - QLD - Brisbane

V8 Hot Laps Experiences

Check out the range of V8 Hot Laps experiences Brisbane-QLD

We have 2 -V8 Hot Laps adventures near Brisbane. We are showing you the top V8 Hot Laps adventures here

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Radical Race Car Drive and Ride Package- QLD Raceway- 8 Laps

On Sale - Save $55

Take control of one of the worlds fastest sports cars Experience two hot laps with a professional driving Feel your adrenaline pumping in a car that is capable of 230 km/h This is complete drive combo experience that includes 6 drive laps where you drive and 2 hot laps with a professional driving. Blast…Read more

Lotus Exige Hot Lap Experience - Queensland Raceway - 3 Laps

On Sale - Save $17

Feel an adrenaline rush in a Lotus Exige sports car Ride with experienced drivers Experience thrilling high speed laps Born to do hot laps! Australias most thrilling experience is 3 high-speed laps in an elite sports car. The Lotus Exige is exceptional, and you'll feel it flying around a race track!…Read more