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Up to 51% Off on Pottery Lesson at Manly Sculpture School

Up to 51% Off on Pottery Lesson at Manly Sculpture School

Sketch directly with water base clay, from the observations of a life model Sketch class Monday evening 6:30 to 9 30pm An opportunity to enjoy creating and engaging in new skills, sketching your observations of the life model directly with clay!! A 10out of 10 entertaining and therapeutic craft for all levels. No experience required Entry for one Team work play, with your loved ones! A fun night creating ceramic sculptures from observations of two life models. Couples clay & sip Thursday evening 6:30 to 9 30pm Work as a team with your loved ones, and have a fun night experience playing with clay and challenging yourselves on trying to represent the two life models on the stage. No experience required Entry for two Music, snacks, wine in a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere will make a the best choice for your entertainment. Your choice on any subject for your creation of the day. No life model required Freestyle morning class Saturdays 10 am to 1pm Come and let your creativity grow in a very friendly and calming environment, you are welcome to make your own projects based on any object, drawing or photography as reference. No experience required. Entry for one Clay sculpture is the most therapeutic experience you can have while working with 3D creative medium, absolutely all levels welcome with a 100% warranty that you will be able to produce an artwork that you will love and be able to have as a ceramic piece for yourself or others. 

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